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Why there are only a few stores listed?

There are many digital CD key stores worldwide and even more stores who are selling retail boxed edition of video games. The thing is that it’s not possible to include all, for many reasons. The main reason is because not every store offers high security and high quality of service to users. Our main priority is to 100% satisfy the users and to make the whole process, from picking up the game to finally start gaming, an unforgettable experience. BUT, we try to test as many stores as possible when the possibility is given and include the best to the price comparison tool for you!

Stores need to meet some specific criteria to be listed

1. Experience in Gaming Business

The stores we select to include in our price comparison tool are in the gaming business for a couple of years. By being so long in this kind of industry means that we are talking about high valued stores, listing a big range of game titles, filled with many positive reviews that are coming from their happy customers. Also, the stores we are listing are working under a real business company and real team of people is running it and supporting it almost 24 hours a day. Those stores also have a unique web design which makes the navigation pleasant and easy. It’s very important for the users to find what they want easy and fast, especially for a gamer. We are all so lazy in the searching part!

2. Fast Customer Support

Not only fast, but helpful. The support is there to find solutions in any problem that might come up during or after your purchase from a CD key store. If it doesn’t serve this purpose, it’s not a valued support. We double check the support from the stores listed in our website and every time we make sure it will help and assist you in every possible way. Quick response time is a plus to the whole evaluation we do, but again it can’t beat the receive of a helpful answer even if it’s going to get a little bit more time for that.

3. Secure Payment Methods

When we are talking about spending money on the web, we must do that without hesitation. The digital stores we list they manage to run under SSL protocol which makes your purchase safe due to encryption in your sensitive information. Even if the stores themselves do not run under secure protocol, when the time comes for you to pay, they will redirect you to a safe area where you can add your credit card number without security problems. Also, the 99% of those stores include the most secure payment solution, PayPal!

4. Delivery Time

Delivery time is also a big factor to check before we list a new CD key store business. You guys are gamer! We want you to receive the game you just purchased, instantly! In our price comparison boards, you can find how much time the stores need to deliver the CD key, we always test the delivery times so, what we write in the boards is pretty much accurate. Unfortunately, not every store is instant in delivery but at least they are very fast.

Are these stores trusted?

Yes, They Are!!

We constantly run tests to check if the stores listed, meet the criteria for being here. If they pass the tests, we keep listing them, if they don’t, we advise them for some fixes, if they do not comply, we just remove them. By following these rules, we are sure that users will always get the most out of an online purchase on their favourite CD keys. So please, buy with confidence.

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